26 Successful Brands that used React Native for their Mobile Apps

React Native development is a solid solution for creating apps that look great for Android and iOS. It’s an excellent framework and should be a front runner when considering an app development framework.


In one of the recent developer surveys by Stack Overflow, React Native earned the 6th spot in the software development framework ranking with 14.51% of the votes. And after examining successful brands that used React Native Development, it’s clear that the framework has a bright future.


As we’ve researched, apps built with React Native deliver high performance. Plus, it is so flexible and scalable that it will let you make almost every app you want. Now, let’s look at successful examples of React Native apps and brands that have become successful using this framework.


1) Facebook Ads Manager


Facebook Ads Manager is the first ever app built with React Native development for the iOS platform. Later on, it rolled out for Android devices. It’s a widely used platform by marketers to analyze the performance of their paid campaigns.



Apart from the Ads Manager, Facebook itself uses React Native. The first test was done on the “Events” Dashboard feature in the Facebook iOS app. After that, React Native was incorporated into the Facebook Analytics platform.

2) Instagram


Instagram, a photo and video sharing social network platform owned by Meta Platforms, its development team had adopted React Native development in the push notification settings as well as for the “Edit Profile” section.


3) Microsoft Office


Even Microsoft has leveraged React Native development, improving its existing services like Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook, and Microsoft Teams application.


4) Pinterest


Pinterest, a social networking site for sharing and posting ideas, employs React Native development in its Topic Picker and Business Signup Flow. It has a total of 433 million monthly active users.


5) Coinbase


Coinbase android application is optimized with React Native. As a result, its rendering time has been reduced to a significant level.


6) Shopify


Shopify is a brilliant e-commerce platform, and its native code has been rewritten in React Native. This made the team more productive and increased code-sharing to 80% between iOS and Android.


7) Flipkart


Flipkart is another e-commerce platform that has made the shopping experience seamless for online shoppers with React Native.


8) Discord


You can build your gaming community with the Discord React Native app. However, some users are not happy with the adoption of React Native in the Discord Android app.


9) Mercari


Backed by React Native, Mercari is the marketplace designed for buying and selling old items.


10) Tesla


Tesla, an electric car manufacturing company, has boosted its Android and iOS performance with react native.


11) Bloomberg


Bloomberg React Native app delivers a better experience with videos and content. It also keeps updating with the cross-platform framework.


12) Skype

Video calling and conferences are simplified with Skype React Native for Android and iOS devices.


13) LendMN

It’s a Mongolia-based collateral-free microloan service provider.


14) Salesforce

Salesforce serves the top-notch CRM solution and the uninterrupted customer experience in marketing, sales, commerce, integration, and more.


15) Wix.com

Wix.com is a site builder that provides a fantastic output for website owners.


16) Huiseoul

Huiseoul’s conversational e-commerce app is faster than ever, thanks to React Native. Moreover, React Native fit image has proved to optimize the experience for online shoppers.


17) F8

F8 is the annual conference application owned by Meta Platforms. Powered by React Native, it provides impressive results.


18) Walmart

For enhancing the appearance and smoothening the shopping experience of customers, Walmart, an online shopping app, uses React Native purposefully.


19) JD

JD is China’s biggest e-commerce giant in terms of revenue. It’s also a member of Fortune 500 companies.


20) SoundCloud Pulse

The user experience and performance of the SoundCloud Pulse are enhanced with the React native framework. Here in this iOS app, you can search for various artists or become the creator and share your albums.


21) Townsake

Townsake is a unique iOS application to find local cafes, restaurants, and shops in any city worldwide with your photography skills.


22) Gyroscope

Gyroscope is your health coach who monitors your sleeping patterns, glucose levels, and HRV while suggesting ways to improve them.


23) Adidas Glitch

Adidas is no exception when it comes to the use of React Native development. Its “Glitch” app for selling boots was a big challenge for the development team. But now, hard work has paid off after it was awarded several times in 2017.



24) Baidu Mobile

Baidu Mobile is empowered with React Native development technology used by more than 600 million Chinese people in China to search for various online products, services, queries, and more.


25) Foreca

Foreca is an accurate weather forecasting application that provides a range of parameters to track. It also features animated weather maps, one-time positioning, continuous tracking, and more.

26) Tencent QQ

Tencent QQ is a popular social messaging platform with over 829 million active accounts in China alone. Many of these app functions are built using React Native development.


Final Thoughts


With the release of React Native, more and more brands are flocking to this platform to make their mobile apps. The mobile app world has changed over the past few years, and React Native development can help any company get on the cutting edge with its apps. However, it’s getting tough competition from the Flutter app development services. Both are competitors, but Flutter has a long way to go.

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